To be a nerd is to enjoy interacting with the non-existent.

There it is, in all its simplicity. The Unified Nerd Theory. It boils down to the fact that as nerds, what we love are stories. Some of us create those stories by writing, or reading. Some of us play board games or RPGs. Some of us play video games on a console, and others on the computer. Many of us watch movies, and many television or streaming episodes.

In recent times, we have watched ourselves fragment. There’s websites for board games, where the board game nerds go. For the RPGs, where the RPG nerds go. Each little fragment of nerd society has spun off into its own community, limiting the crossover between them all.

No longer.

Unified Nerd Theory is about the things that pull us, as a community, together. About the themes that run between narratives, no matter the medium. It’s about us, as a people, and how we perceive and interact with both each other and the world. And it’s about the things we love, and how our love for them allows us to deal with the rest of the world.

So welcome to the Theory. Come with us as we explore and experiment to come to a working theory of what it is that makes us nerds.