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International Stand Up Comedy with a Twist

So one of my favorite stand-up comedians is this guy called Randy Feltface out of Australia.  You may have guessed it already, he’s a puppet. A really raunchy, hilarious puppet.  Like if one of Hensen’s puppets has transcended to a higher (or lower?) plane, and now comes with stand-up and an R-rating.  His routines are superb, and his puppeteer has mastered conveying body language through the puppet so thoroughly, that I’ve gotten totally immersed and forgotten I’m watching a puppet before. The suspension of disbelief gets that hardcore.

Has anybody else out there heard of Randy? He’s got years of content out there on the web, but I just ran across him for the first time a few months ago.

The first time I watched one of Randy’s routines I laughed so hard, it was going to trigger a minor medical emergency, and I had to run for my asthma inhaler. You know: the kind of laughing where you can’t take a full breath, you’re almost crying, and you sound like you’ve lost all your marbles.  Don’t believe me? Here’s the routine that sparked that reaction.  He takes a little while to set it up, so around 3:45 is where the story really starts gathering steam. As a heads up, it is NSFW.

I have all sorts of love for Randy, and his puppeteer, Heath McIvor, but not much else to say about him that wouldn’t be spoilers, so go watch his stuff!!  It’s so, so worth it.  Heath McIvor has finally made an adult puppet show that captures all the magic you felt from puppets when you are kid, but doesn’t rely on any kind of a simplified, kid’s-level of suspending disbelief or humor style. Turns out if you make your puppet a stand-up comedian, you can really let yourself off the chain. Bravo, Randy and Heath, Bravo.  As a side note, Randy also has a sitcom with comedian Sammy J. that is on my to-watch list. So you if you have more time than me, please go forth, check it out, and report back!

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