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International Stand Up Comedy with a Twist

So one of my favorite stand-up comedians is this guy called Randy Feltface out of Australia.  You may have guessed it already, he’s a puppet. A really raunchy, hilarious puppet.  Like if one of Hensen’s puppets has transcended to a higher (or lower?) plane, and now comes with stand-up and an R-rating.  His routines are superb, and his puppeteer has mastered conveying body language through the puppet so thoroughly, that I’ve gotten totally immersed and...
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Let’s Talk K-Dramas: The Last Empress

So, “The Last Empress,” sets some classic K-drama fantasy tropes, and then turns them on their head, which I love, but seems to be getting less-than-stellar reviews from some fans. While I feel enthused about everything they’ve done here, quite a few fans are feeling betrayed– which for a show about political intrigue, false heroes, and misplaced trust, just strikes me as delicious. What have they done? Well, they’ve set up a story that promises...
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My Favorite Asian Music Artists You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

a.k.a. Esther Totally Geeking Out About J-Pop, K-Pop, and other Asian music. Because honestly this post is just an excuse to share some of my favorite artists with y’all, since I need more people to fan-girl (or boy) with more often. 🙂 My first introduction to J-Pop came from anime soundtracks, and I really wanted to know why Japan’s animated series had such better music than say, your typical Saturday morning cartoon in the USA....
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Aggretsuko – The Cute Red Panda Rage Machine

So I wasn’t sure what to expect when watching the first episode of Aggretsuko on Netflix. After all, it’s created by Sanrio, a company which people often have an automatic love/hate reaction to, due to its “Hello Kitty,” fame. In Aggretsuko, Sanrio’s taken all of their famed chibi-animal-design skills and really put them to work, by inventing a whole cast of cats, dogs, pigs, gators, parrots– or in the case of our main character– a...
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What It’s Like Living with a Streamer

I recently found a fantastic new video game review channel on YouTube called Girlfriend Reviews. It’s put on by a girl who doesn’t play video games herself, but really enjoys sitting and watching her boyfriend play through them. Then she reviews not the actual games, but what it’s like living with someone who plays games. Seriously, watch her review of The Witcher 3. I laughed so hard I almost spilled my drink. She’s hilarious. Her...
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Why I Love Apex Legends as Someone Who Hates Battle Royale

I went to Disneyland recently. Late January and early February is the time to go—shorter lines, cooler weather. There I was, walking around the happiest place on earth with my friends, when we all get an alert on our phones. Some new battle royale game was about to drop. Great, I thought. Another gimmicky BR game to clutter up an already bloated, gimmicky genre. I’m not the biggest fan of BR. I’ve talked about how...
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